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Find videos by, about, and for students here.

Materials for English/LA High School Storytelling Workshops

Please let us know if you’d like a copy of the materials for our English/LA high school storytelling workshops and we’ll send them to you by email.

Please note: These materials are still undergoing revisions, but we are happy to share our most recent draft, and we welcome your feedback.

Guidelines for Classroom Storytelling

Story Works has adapted and adopted a set of Ethical Principles developed by the wonderful and experienced team at StoryCenter (formerly the Center for Digital Storytelling). You can download our youth + educator developed version of these guidelines here.

Materials for College Essay Workshops

You can find and download the College Admissions Essay Writing workshop materials here. This booklet is designed to help users understand expectations, brainstorm ideas, and get started on a strong and effective admissions essay.

Reminder: Our materials are all under construction. We invite you to use and modify them as you wish. But please do let us know when and where you hope to use them. We also welcome your feedback and brilliant new ideas!


Whether or not Story Works is bringing volunteers into your classes, you may wish to have your students listen to recordings. Here is a small selection of the many wonderful stories from past Story Works participants.

We’ve also linked to several stories from Arctic Entries (a monthly storytelling event in Anchorage), and the Moth (a national storytelling program based in NYC).

Play these in class, have your students listen at home, or just enjoy them on your own.  Please let us know if you have additional suggestions or comments.

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