What is SAYiT?

The Story Works Alaska Youth Team (SAYiT) is a group of Story Works participants who meet outside of school hours to plan and conduct projects to support youth stories. First launched by Story Works alumni in January 2015, SAYiT works on a number of out-of-school projects including:

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Membership/How to Join SAYiT

SAYiT is open to all youth ages 12-24 who have participated in Story Works programs. If you are interested in learning more, please complete this form, below and we will send you information about meetings, etc.

In-person weekly meetings are held in Anchorage but members also have the option to join virtually if they are unable to attend in person. Note: Due to COVID-19, SAYiT is meeting virtually until further notice. Our Zoom meetings are still weekly and only 30-60 minutes.


Before using the online registration system confirm that your application has been approved and make sure you can attend (or have attended) an orientation session prior to your volunteer date. We will have to decline any unapproved registrations. Thanks for your understanding!

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