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Want your own copy of Story Works’ high school personal storytelling student handouts?

Super! We’re excited to see this youth&educator-developed resource used in other schools and other communities!

Note: Because we do need resources to keep the doors open, lights on, and snacks stocked for student meetings at our little office here in Anchorage, AK, we do encourage you to make a contribution of $5.00 or more, if possible. However, we definitely want to keep these materials as accessible as possible so please complete the form below whether or not you are able to make a contribution!

Fun fact: These materials were co-created by actual (and fabulous) high school English teachers and students from Alaska and all lessons are aligned with Common Core English/Language Arts Standards.

We are only able to make the student materials available right now but we hope to be able to share lesson plans and more information soon.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

*This project was supported in part by funding from the Alaska Humanities Forum, The Atwood Foundation, The Brimstone Award (as administered by the National Storytelling Network), and individual donors.*


Before using the online registration system confirm that your application has been approved and make sure you can attend (or have attended) an orientation session prior to your volunteer date. We will have to decline any unapproved registrations. Thanks for your understanding!

It's cool, I've been approved! (if I haven't, I'm just looking.)

Oops, I need to fill out a volunteer application...