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Recordings of Stories:

Note: Below are links to recordings of stories from Story Works, Arctic Entries, and The Moth.  We hope you will enjoy listening but we recognize that stories can have the potential to trigger listeners.

Educators, before playing these stories with your students, please listen to them in advance to determine whether they are appropriate for the intended learning environment. Also, please remember that each storyteller is expressing their own perspective on an experience or relationship in their lives. You are encouraged to listen with respect but please feel free to stop listening if you need to.  All listeners are encouraged to reach out and contact us with any questions or comments.

A Few Stories from Story Works Alums:

Nikka: Santa is Real

Cornilius: Spiderman

Juan: High Fives

Rion: Billy Joel vs. Geena Davis

Cinnamon: Surviving the Inevitable (Rejection)

Brigham: The Barking Dog

Horojah: Not the Pecans

Kate: Keep Your Chin Up

Sam: When the Walls Become the Floor

Shannon: Grandmother

Ole: Winter Stars and Tastee Freeze

Extra Credit, May 2016

Hear Our Voices! Storytelling and Journalism Workshop with Alaska Teen Media Institute and Catholic Social Services Refugee Immigration and Assistance Service

Story Works students on Alaska Teen Media Institute’s radio show, In Other News (November 2015).

Podcast: Youth Voice by Story Works Student Advisory Team

This three-part series, hosted by the Story Works Student Advisory Team, features stories about bullying and bullying prevention. Thank you again to all who shared stories and helped with this series. Extra thanks also to Spirit of Youth (for funding this project!) and to the Alaska Teen Media Institute (for editing the podcasts!).

Example Arctic Entries Stories:

All stories posted below were originally told as part of an Arctic Entries event. Learn more at Arctic Entries brings Alaskans to the stage to share their personal stories: funny, sad and sweet. At every performance, seven people each tell a seven-minute long, true story relating to the show’s theme. Local musicians perform a few songs, as well. Any profits made from the Arctic Entries ticket sales go to a non-profit partner selected at the beginning of each season. Currently, all Arctic Entries events take place at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts at 621 West 6th Ave., Anchorage, AK.

Jason Slemons: Excuse me, you look like you have…?

Nelson Carpluck: Caribou Hunt

Bonus video: Nelson responds to student questions

Mike Schweiger: Just Power Through

Agatha Erickson: Native Americans at Dartmouth

Ricky Tagaban: Funny Men Can Weave

Tim Paszalek: Ostrich Wrangling

Sarah Jane Fischer: Rollerblading Dad

Emily Ferenbacher: Rain Pants Are Not Waders

Natasha Price: Isn’t That Exciting, Journal?
Note: She got to break the Arctic Entries “no notes” rule for this one.

Kirk Rose: Going for Broke

Arran Forbes:  Living with David

Amanda Smith: Amanda and the Crevasse

Lynn Paulson: Living Room Swing Set

Jeff Robinson: Batman

Suzanne Schmidt: Extreme Camping

Brendan Babb: You can do it anywhere

Valerie Waldrop: West Buttress Ascent

Issa Brahman: Storming Normandy

John Parsi: John Parsi, he speaks Farsi.

Jen Gessert: Good Wife

Ira Edwards: Team Gimp Squad

Stories from The Moth:

The Moth is a national storytelling organization that runs a high school storytelling program in NYC.  Below are some Moth stories Story Works students have enjoyed. Thank you to all of these storytellers and The Moth!

The Secret Letter

White Coats and Red Wigs

The Bad Haircut

My Grandfather’s Shoes


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