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Story Works Alaska is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in good standing with the IRS. EIN: 47-4360248 


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Impact: What students are saying…

I really liked being able to see classmates in a deeper way than I’m used to. It makes me feel more connected to them.

In high school we all wear masks. In the telling of a story, that mask is removed.

This project was very valuable because in school teens rarely get a chance [to] show their true self… I loved how we all had stories to say and experiences that others would never know just looking at us.

I found it valuable that we might learn something about ourselves we never knew before. Because you understand yourself as a person better, it may open up a new door. And you’re the one opening the door.

It made me think about what made me ME.

Impact: How your gift will make a difference…

Story Works volunteers have now worked with over 1,800 high school students in Anchorage and Unalakleet, Alaska. These students have shared stories and strengthened connections while developing their writing and speaking skills.

As more and more teachers ask us to work with them and their students, our waitlist is growing longer. We want to expand our program so we can support more teachers, more students, and more stories. Your support will make that possible.



Will my donation be tax deductible? 

Story Works Alaska is a nonprofit corporation with federal 501(c)(3) status. This means that charitable donations made to Story Works are tax deductible.


What percent of my donation will go directly to Story Works?

Our credit card processor and donation management system do take a small (less than 3%) portion of each donation –unless you click to cover the processing fees. In that case a wonderful 100% of your donation will go to Story Works!


The default settings start at $50. Can I give less than $50? 

For sure! Donations of any amount are welcome and deeply appreciated. Just type the amount you wish to give into the blank box at the top of the form. And thank you for helping support more students as they explore and share their stories.


Thank you again to all supporters!



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