Volunteer Opportunities

Story Works Alaska is made possible thanks to the efforts of many wonderful volunteers.  Please take a look at the opportunities listed below to see what works best for your availability and interests.

Whether you want to participate in one of our traditional volunteer positions here in Anchorage or have another skill or idea you’d like to contribute, please contact us or submit a volunteer application!

Story Coaching

The role of the story coach is to listen and help students as they develop their personal stories.  What you’ll need is a kind ear, effective communication skills, a love of stories, and an interest in helping students with their work. Qualified volunteers will receive story coach training offered with support from the Alaska Teen Media Institute.


Volunteer story coach training (commitment: approx. 90 min + ongoing training opportunities)

Listening and story coaching with students during in-school workshops (commitment: approx. 90 min. per session)

Schedules of available volunteer opportunities are sent out to all who complete the Volunteer Application and Training Processes.

Story Coaching Qualifications:

Qualified volunteer Story Coaches will demonstrate an ability to listen thoughtfully and respond appropriately to student stories, will be prepared to follow all of the Anchorage School District Adult Student Boundary Protocols, and will allow Story Works Alaska to conduct a background check.  New volunteers will be cleared to work with students pending background check and demonstration of qualifications at Story Works orientation and training.  All new volunteer will be paired with experienced volunteers during initial classroom sessions.


Outreach / Organizing

Volunteers are needed to help with website, social media, and/or volunteer  recruitment.  If you are interested in helping Story Works Alaska grow its programming and improve opportunities for students, please be in touch. You can even start now by liking us on Facebook!


Variable, flexible.


We are occasionally need new storytellers to share their own true stories with students.  The format is very similar to Arctic Entries (7 minute, personal story, told without notes).  If you’ve told an Arctic Entries story, or have another story you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you.


Approx. 1 hour scheduled storytelling session


Before using the online registration system confirm that your application has been approved and make sure you can attend (or have attended) an orientation session prior to your volunteer date. We will have to decline any unapproved registrations. Thanks for your understanding!

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