*Note: You can scroll down to “Volunteer Orientation/Training” (below) if your application and background check have been submitted and Story Works has already contacted you to let you know that they have been reviewed and approved.*

How to apply to become a volunteer with Story Works:

Step 1: Please fill out a volunteer application

This forms asks you for contact info, bio, and a few other important details. *Just share your honest answers and remember… done is better than perfect!

Step 2: Please submit Info for a Background Check:

1. Click here to begin the background check process.

2. Enter your FIRST and LAST names, EMAIL, select “Background Check” from the drop-down window, and hit “login.” (This will simultaneously create an account with your email and log you in). 

3. On the next page, again enter FIRST and LAST name, ADDRESS, SSN, and DOB. Hit “I agree” to proceed. 

4. Complete the required fields on the next page… GENDER, PHONE, SIGNATURE. Hit “I agree” to submit application. 

**Warning: The SSCI system does not usually give users a success message after they click “I agree.” Sorry about that and please don’t worry if you find yourself thinking “did that actually go through?” **

Note: Story Works currently covers the cost of the background check. However, if you would like to help offset the cost of the background check or donate support for the program in general, that is welcome too! Donations of all sizes are always welcome at: https://storyworksak.org/become-a-supporter/

Step 3: Story Works will contact you when your application and background check results have been reviewed and approved.

Volunteer Orientation/Training: Steps to Follow to Get Started

Step 1: Please watch this slideshow.

Warning: This slideshow is still very drafty. Please forgive and please email regan@storyworksak.org with any suggestions you have. Also, heads up that when you get to the part where there is a video about Story Coaching, please come back to this page and watch the video in Step 2 (below).

Step 2: Please watch this introduction to Story Coaching

Produced by an awesome team of Story Works volunteers and alumni. Thank you to Sarah Wilcox, Anna Wen, Destiny Ropati, Katherine Paredes, Chris Pavadore, and Mark Morones!

Step 3: Please download the classroom materials and review the “Three Agreements” (p. 3).

Step 4: Please listen to one or more of these example stories often played in classes

Cornilius: Spiderman

Cinnamon: Surviving the Inevitable (Rejection)

Dre: Beautiful Day

Step 5: Review ASD Adult Student Boundaries and Story Works Ethical Guidelines

If these documents and the volunteer agreement are not linked here, please contact regan@storyworksak.org to receive copies by email.


Before using the online registration system confirm that your application has been approved and make sure you can attend (or have attended) an orientation session prior to your volunteer date. We will have to decline any unapproved registrations. Thanks for your understanding!

It's cool, I've been approved! (if I haven't, I'm just looking.)

Oops, I need to fill out a volunteer application...