Our Super Cool Staff

Sally Kieper (Development & Program Director; she/her) has always been fascinated with the north. As a child, she enjoyed spending time at her grandparents’ cabin near Lake Superior, snowmachining – aka snowmobiling in the Midwest, cross-country skiing, hiking, canoeing, and berry picking… hobbies she still enjoys in Alaska today. She remembers the cabin felt like the top of the world (even though she had seen a globe and was aware that Canada existed). After earning a B.S. in Environmental Education & Interpretation from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and a B.A. in Elementary Education, she followed her fascination with the north and moved to Fairbanks in 2007. Sally loves telling and listening to stories, and she is thrilled to get to do it everyday at Story Works. She is excited to meet new people and explore new trails in Anchorage, which she understands is still pretty far north.

Contact Sally at sally@storyworksak.org.

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Niki Moua (Program Associate; she/her) was born in Anchorage, Alaska. Niki is Hmong-American and went to Bartlett High School. She is going to attend The University of Alaska Anchorage, majoring in psychology. She hopes to one day become a psychologist and help those who are dealing with mental health challenges. She loves playing and hanging out with her siblings, cousins, and children. In her free time, she journals and reads. She is honored to be a part of Story Works Alaska and help support youth as they share their beautiful stories.

Contact Niki at info@storyworksak.org.


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