What Are College Admissions Essay Workshops?

Our College Admissions Essay Workshops offer free, out-of-school support to students developing college admissions and scholarship essays. Participating students attend workshops on essay development and are matched with volunteers who offer support and encouragement during this challenging and high-stakes process.

College Admissions Essay Workshop Materials:

Thanks to the initiative and dedication of the Alaska College and Career Advising Corps members who helped develop these materials and initiated these workshops!

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Note: Because we do need resources to keep the doors open, lights on, and snacks stocked for student meetings at our little office here in Anchorage, AK, we do encourage you to make a contribution of $5.00 or more, if possible. However, we definitely want to keep these materials as accessible as possible so please complete the form below whether or not you are able to make a contribution!

Creative Commons License These materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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