SAYiT at a glance

Ben Brosnahan (SAYiT team member and Teaching Fellow; he/him) is a lifelong Alaskan who works hard to support his community through storytelling. At Story Works, not only is he a member of SAYiT but he also facilitates Story Circles for his peers and the community. Ben is very active in extracurriculars at his school. The multitude of programs he is involved with include: the HG Program, Drama Debate and Forensics, World Affairs Council, and Teen Council. Ben is also the president of Key Club at West Anchorage High School and plays competitive soccer. Ben’s favorite hobbies include enjoying the outdoors, spending time with friends, and aerial photography.

Grayson Conti (SAYiT team member and Teaching Fellow; they/them) was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Identifying as bisexual and non-binary, Max enjoys being involved in resolving queer issues and currently helps with the LGBTQ Story Circles. Max has taught swim lessons to elementary school kiddos at SwimAmerica as well as babysat children ranging from 8 months to 9 years old. Max enjoys reading, rock climbing, cats, watching movies and tv shows, baking, listening to music, and spending time with their boyfriend. Some of their favorite musicians include Cavetown, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Billie Eilish, Twenty One Pilots, and Girl in Red. They also love hiking, walking, biking, and down hill skiing. If you’re looking for book suggestions, never fear, Max has a never ending supply!

Bianca Popescu (SAYiT team member and Teaching Fellow; she/her) was born in Anchorage, Alaska. She goes to West Anchorage High School and participated in a Story Works Storytelling Workshop her Sophomore year. She then joined SAYiT later that year, eventually becoming a Teaching Fellow and facilitating Story Circles. Bianca is currently a Junior at West High School where she spends her time in extracurriculars like the West High Fish Club. She also has one little sister, two little brothers, and three dogs that she loves very much. She enjoys art, music, and… stories! …and if she could be any animal, she’d be a parrot!

Bethany Smestad (SAYiT team member and Teaching Fellow; she/her) is an 11th grade student at Bartlett High School. She has lived in Alaska her whole life and enjoys the spectacular beauty of this magnificent state. Bethany’s favorite things to do are spend time with her siblings, read, and learn new things. She is also eager to experience the amazing things which this wonderful world has to offer!

Victoria Rossoff (SAYiT Member team member and Teaching Fellow; she/her) is an incoming Junior at West High School. She was born in Bremerton, Washington, and grew up across several states. Before moving to Alaska with her parents, she would visit her family in Mexico nearly every weekend. In Alaska, she learned about new, foreign things like ice skating and rock climbing. In the time before she graduates and eventually leaves for university, she plans to get a job. Victoria enjoys reading, cooking, and writing.

Emma Knapp (SAYiT team member and Teaching Fellow; she/her) was born in Anchorage, Alaska and is currently a junior at West Anchorage High School. She has wrestled for 6 years and competes with Team Alaska. She enjoys anything that gets her outside but also can appreciate a good Netflix binge. Her favorite songs change all the time but, at the time this was written, her favorite song is Kilby Girl by The Backseat Lovers.


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