A **RECORDED** Youth Story Circle

February 9th, 2021; 6-7:30pm

Come to this **RECORDED** Story Circle! Your story may be used on the Slice of Joy podcast. No prep required, but you can prep if you’d like to. See prompts below. (Ages: 12-24 only)

What is a Story Circle?

Story Circles are opportunities for small groups of people to gather together to listen and share thoughts and stories related to a common theme. No preparation is necessary and each participant has the option to share or simply listen to others. Story Circles aren’t about performing. Rather, the purpose is to listen and connect. This Story Circle will be recorded by SAYiT (Story Works Alaska Youth Team) for their podcast, Slice of Joy. Although we require a media release for this Story Circle, you may opt out of sharing your story at anytime, even if it has already been recorded. If you have further questions, please let us know by emailing us at info@storyworksak.org.

Prompts for Circle (You can respond to one or a mixture, as you like):

  • “Have you ever been intimidated by an idea or an experience but then it turned out okay?”
  • “What is a time you had a grim or apprehensive outlook about something but then it turned out to be okay?”
  • “What is an activity you liked but were originally skeptical about or scared to do?”


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