How It Works

Our workshops offer opportunities for students to share and explore their own stories with support from a team of storytellers and story coaches.

Our partner teachers provide a commitment to supporting students and their stories.

We provide:

Guest storytellers

Storytelling 101 lesson

Volunteer story coaches available to work with students in small groups

Planning and coordination of a final storytelling event

Note: Our work is currently focused in the Anchorage area but we look forward to being in touch with teachers and students throughout Alaska –and beyond.  Though we won’t be able to email any real-live storytellers or story coaches, we can certainly connect students and teachers far and wide to recordings, lessons, and other resources.

Example sequence

Introduction to Workshops and Assignment: (Approx. 1.5 hours) Three (or more) former Arctic Entries storytellers share  stories live in front of a student audience (one or more classes), a veteran story coach leads a lively lesson on storytelling basics, and students begin brainstorming their own stories.

Student Story Development: (Time flexible) Students work in class and/or at home to develop and revise their own stories.

Story Coaching Sessions: (Time flexible) Volunteer story coaches listen and offer feedback to student storytellers in small groups or one-on-one.  Can be followed by additional feedback sessions between students.

Student Storytelling Event:  (Time flexible) Students share stories with each other in-class or in an after school performance.


Before using the online registration system confirm that your application has been approved and make sure you can attend (or have attended) an orientation session prior to your volunteer date. We will have to decline any unapproved registrations. Thanks for your understanding!

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