Draft Student Materials


Please note that all documents posted here are rough drafts.

We are excited to share them but would love to keep track of how they are used and what suggestions new users have.

Please contact us to let us know where and how you’d like to use the materials.

We hope they prove helpful and we look forward to hearing your suggestions for improvement.

-Story Works Alaska

Creative Commons License
Draft Student Materials by Story Works Alaska are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Feel free to copy, redistribute, and build upon this material. Appropriate credit (“This materials was originally developed by Story Works Alaska.”) and indication of any changes made must be given. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by contacting Story Works Alaska.


1. The numbers in front of many of the document names reflect a suggested (but very ignorable) order.  When two different handouts begin with the same number it is because we don’t yet have a recommendation about their relative order.  


2. Word documents are included here so teachers can manipulate the documents to meet student needs.  The pdfs have been included to preserve tricky formatting.


1StoryWorksStudentIntroduction (Word)

1StoryWorksStudentIntroduction (pdf)


2StoryWorksStudentStorytellingBasics4pp (Word)

2StoryWorksStudentStorytellingBasics4pp (pdf)



3StoryWorksStudentListeningtoRecordings (Word)

3StoryWorksStudentListeningtoRecordings (pdf)


4StoryWorksGettingStartedPromptsandOrganizer (Word)

4StoryWorksGettingStartedPromptsandOrganizer (pdf)


4StoryWorksGettingStartedWithTransformationPrompts (Word)

4StoryWorksGettingStartedWithTransformationPrompts (pdf)


4StoryWorksStudentOnePage (Word)

4StoryWorksStudentOnePage (pdf)


5StoryWorksReadingNYTFeedbackArticle (Word)


6StoryWorksStudentListeningFeedbackGuidelines (Word)

6StoryWorksStudentListeningFeedbackGuidelines (pdf)


7StoryWorksStudentTellingListeningNotes1 (Word)

7StoryWorksStudentTellingListeningNotes2 (Word)

7StoryWorksStudentTellingListeningNotes2 (pdf)


8StoryWorksStudentStoryExercises (Word)

8StoryWorksStudentStoryExercises (pdf)


Story Works Eval for Students (Word)

Story Works Eval for Students (pdf)


StoryWorksReadingsWhyOurMemoryFailsUs (Word)


StoryWorksStudentStoryGraphs (Word)

StoryWorksStudentStoryGraphs (pdf)


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